Karachi Yacht Club
Yacht Fleet


Month 1st Sunday 2nd Sunday 3rd Sunday 4th Sunday 5th Sunday Holidays
January 5th Brassey Challenge Cup 12th Caltex Champion Trophy 19th Peel Yates (S/H & Boat H'cap only) 26th Abid Marvi Tray Xxx Xxx
February 2nd Manora Challenge 9th Lufthanza Trophy 16th Fay Spoon 23rd U-Liners Cup Xxx Xxx
March 2nd Punnet Challenge Cup 9th Hummerston Trophy 16th Mary Mudie Cup 23rd False Alarm Trophy 30th R. Hermon Cup 23rd Pakistan Day Coast Guards Trophy
April 6th Walford Bowl 13th McCarthy Trophy 20th Guy Ward Cup 27th Grayburn Challenge (Team Race) xxx Xxx
May 4th Dinghy Challenge Cup 11th Dickens Cup 18th Alcock Ashdown Rose Bowl 25th Koe Cup xxx 1st Labour Day
June 1st Western Command Cup 8th Bowman Cup 15th Behram Dubash Rescue Trophy 22nd Murray Challenge Cup 29th Colin Maude Xxx
July 6th Sience Cup (To Sandspit and back on ebb tide) 13th Lipton Tray(1)(Boat H’cap) 20th Corinthian Cup (Rig Boats) 27th Pan Am Tophy(II) Xxx Xxx
August 3rd South British Points Cup 10th John Hardy Trophy 17th Pan Am Trophy 24th Blatchford Cup xxx 14th Independence Day Tindal Races
September 7th Jackson Mug 14th Lloyds Challenge 21st Clutterbuck Challenge 28th Sergiadi Cup xxx Theo Leslie Cup (Yari)
October 5th Commodore Series 12th Commodore Series 19th Commodore Series 26th Commodore Series xxx Xxx
November 2nd Philips Trophy 9th Copenhagen Cup (Boat H'cap only) 16th Sylvia Cup (Rig Boats) 23rd Crews Cup xxx 9th Iqbal Day Tankard
December 7th McNamara Rose Bowl 14th Peel Yates (S/H and Boat H'cap only) 21st Ladies Challenge Cup (Ladies Helims pax) 28th Pinchard Jug xxx 25th Quaid’s B’day Tankard